Ein holländisches Wohlgefühl

21 02 2014

It’s already a few months ago, but we want to share this beautiful setting we saw on the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, last Oktober. Floris Hovers showed in a cosy 3×3 meter square an overview of his color- and joyful work.

The personal descriptions of his products on his own website fit to the honest and clear forms of his furniture pieces. The ‘Plank-Series’ is for example based on an experiment to work with a limited material. Floris challenged himself to see if he would be able to produce a stool from only one board, in order to stay down-to-earth and keep being inventive. In combination with the typical Floris Hovers colors, the ‘Plank-Series’ developed into a very nice whole, with fine subtle details in the construction.

The pictures we made during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven last Oktober:










Next to furniture Floris also thought about the desires of kids and created two very cute toys. He designed a ‘DIY-bottleboat-kit’ i.a. inspired by his two daughters who played in the bathtub with empty shampoo-bottles, and little ‘default’ cardboard cars, which the kids can customize themselves. A drawing which Floris made to check out different color combinations is reproduced on an old letterpress, and also available in our shop. See the video below for a sneak peak of the production process.

Click here for our page about Floris Hovers to read more about his way of working.

And click here for his products in our Dutch Living Shop.

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